Wagering Requirements Explained

Wagering requirements are such a tough nut to crack. Some players ignore them altogether, and they sometimes pay dearly for it. Do not be alarmed, though, because I am here to walk you through what wagering requirements are and to prove to you that they are not bad at all.

Wagering requirements are there to determine how a casino bonus is paid out. They are transparent, easy to follow, and you can always reach out to customer support for clarification if you have something you are not too sure about.

The casinos and bookmakers I recommend will always make sure to have a very clear policy about bonus terms and conditions. Now, I believe that everyone can get a little carried away and try to cash out a casino bonus a little prematurely.

It’s not the best feeling in the world, but so long as you learn from your mistake, that’s alright. Alright, with this said, let’s take a look at the question at hand: what is the wagering proviso, and why should you even care?

What Are Wagering Requirements and Why They Are Important

Every bonus you pick from a casino or a bookmaker will have terms and conditions. These little details will tell you how you can claim your bonus money and under what circumstances you can request a cash-out. Now, you probably understand why you can’t get a €500 cash bonus and cash out your money right away.

It would leave the casino broke within a day or two. However, online casinos have agreed to give everyone a fair chance. That is by introducing the wagering conditions, of course. The wager requirements ask you to use your deposit and bonus money a specific number of times.

Once you have met this simple condition, you can withdraw all your money – deposit, bonus, and winnings, of course. Now, it’s important to read the terms and conditions closely. Some bonuses may have slightly different provisos. For example, you may not be allowed to withdraw your bonus funds, only some of your winnings.

Each bonus works in its unique way, but generally, there is some sort of acceptance across different bonuses from the same type. So, what I am trying to say is that you will see the different conditions for a welcome bonus, and then again different terms for a no deposit bonus.

Now, while these may change, I can tell you something that will be a fact in 100% of the cases. You must meet these requirements in full. Once you meet the wagering condition, you can claim your winnings and use them to bet more or perhaps cash out a well-deserved prize!

I will leave the micromanagement to you. However, don’t forget to read over the terms and conditions. Now, let’s have a look at the specific way wagering requirements work.

How Do Wagering Requirements Work?

Now, you are already aware of wagering requirements, and that is fantastic news. It’s time to look under the hood and see how these work to make sure we are all on the same page as the online casino. Now, a wagering requirement is not too difficult to understand nor complete. It’s one of the simplest things you may do. To get started, you need to read the terms and conditions and note down wagering requirements for each bonus.

Now the wagering requirement may apply to both your deposit and bonus money. It will depend on the type of bonuses you are picking. However, it will always come down to you wagering your money some times. That could be five, ten, or 35 times. The wagering requirement will always vary.

I also realize that you may not be quite familiar with all the jargon here. For example, What does wagering mean? It simply means to bet. You need an amount of money. Alright, but wait, if you need to wager your deposit amount, let’s say €100, 35 times, isn’t that too steep?

Yes and no. You see, as you play at a casino, you will also be winning money. So, the casino will ask you to bet until you have met the €3,500 wagering requirement (€100*35). As you win and lose money, you will get closer to fulfilling this wagering requirement and claiming what funds are left.

You are probably thinking – that doesn’t sound too optimistic. It’s pure luck, so you can end up with more than you started, too! That is why online casinos wagering requirements are actually good, if somewhat uncertain, bargain. However, that pretty much summarises how wagering requirements function.

Players need to check the conditions and meet the wagering requirement. One more thing to keep in mind, though, is that there may be a deadline for the wagering requirement. That is to say, and you need to complete the bonus wagering by a certain date. Another detail is that your winnings may be capped.

So, you may only be allowed to withdraw three times the size of your initial deposit. Once again, that will change from one bonus to the next and one casino to the next.

How to Beat the Wagering Requirements and Win the Money?

Now, many players like to hypothesize and try to beat the wagering requirement. Is it possible? Well, experience tells me that it is, but you also need to be very much aware of something else. To beat the wagering requirement, you need to get lucky. Sure, you can manage your bankroll better than most players do, and that is a plus, but luck has such a tremendous influence on what happens next.

Some players prefer to stick with table games because they can control the environment more than they could in online slots. However, table games would often only count for 25% of your wagering requirement. This means that instead of placing €1 and having that counted towards your wagering requirements, only 25%, i.e., €0.25, counts.

On the other hand, online slots come with a 100% wagering contribution, which is great. Yet, to answer the question at hand, we have to consider how to control you have over the games. Table games allow you to be far more pro-active, but then again, you will need to face a steeper set of wagering requirements.

Conversely, every complete wager you make with an online casino gets you closer to fulfilling the bonus. It’s a toss-up. The truth is that there is no one way to try and beat the wagering requirement. You will benefit from the knowledge of the games you have at hand, and perhaps even playing those games that feature bonus options, such as free spins.

Now, I had to tell you all of this to prepare you better for your casino bonus and the wagering requirement it will come along with. The good news is that you can still play smart with your bonus, free spins, or no free spins. Here are several tips I have put together for your comfort.

Tips to Beat the Bonus: From A to Z

In my experience playing online, I have found some tips that might help you with your online casino bonus. Now, I realize that bonuses are often about luck. And, perhaps, they are always about luck, but why not try to minimize the luck factor in that 100% bonus you just claimed? There are a few things you can try.

#1 Pick Your Bonus Smartly

The wagering requirements are only one side of the story. Sure, you have to meet the requirements, but why meet conditions that you can tell aren’t ideal for you? With so many bonus options out there, you can definitely have your pick of the litter.

#2 Don’t Rush Through Your Bonus

There is no reason to rush with your bonus. Even if you are running out of time, there are options to bet big if it’s crunch time, and you need to clear your bonus. In the meantime, though, you can take your time, try different games and see where fortune smiles at you. Notice how I said fortune? Yes, it’s all about luck, well – almost.

#3 Manage Your Bonus Funds

This tip complements the previous one. Generally speaking, you don’t want to wager too much. Sure, the bonus will usually have a maximum limit. For example, some bonuses will allow you to only bet up to €5, but this is not too bad. Anyway, the point is to e patient with your bonus money. Wager smartly, and don’t put too much on a game that doesn’t have a great RTP.

#4 Try to Control What Games You Can Play

Now, some bonus options are purely focused on one or two specific titles. I generally recommend picking a bonus that gives you more leeway. You will want to bet on as many titles as you can to have a bit of variety. Your goal is to control as much of the gameplay environment as you can to help yourself have an enjoyable and whole experience.

#5 Check the Free Games: They Will Help

Now, I can’t stress how important it is for me to get some hands-on experience with a casino. I want to try their games because if I don’t know their payouts, how am I going to know where to put my money? Free games give me that. I can see which games drop free spins as part of their normal gameplay, and just calculate the number of times I need to bet to clear a bonus. There are many upsides, and I am sure you will agree with me.

Let’s Beat the Wagering Requirements

Now, beating the wagering conditions is no easy undertaking. There will be a lot of trial and effort, but the good news is – it can be done. Yes, I know – luck, it comes to that, but if you are smart enough and use your funds reasonably, it will all pay off.

Worst case scenario, you will play according to time-tested strategies that tend to hedge your wager and let you save up on your money more than you can imagine. Being smart about your bonus funds will certainly allow you to go a long way with your bonus. Whether you beat the terms and conditions of each bonus is up to you.


  • What does wager mean?

    A wager is a bet you place on the games you prefer. The wager amount can be any, and you can wager with a bonus.

  • Can I beat the wagering requirement?

    In theory, you can beat the wagering requirement, but it will be based on luck. You can just play smartly and derive the best benefits from your bonus.

  • Are free spins bonuses better than money bonuses?

    I generally enjoy free spins more. Then again, there are some awesome cash bonuses to try as well that will allow you to bet more and longer.

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