Political Betting

Politics is twisty, but it can be perceived as a form of entertainment. If you are into betting, then politics betting might be another market you may be interested in exploring. Today, I will talk about the best political betting sites, how to place your bets, what political events you can pick from, and the type of bets you can place in the first place. There are some tips and strategies that do not require you to be a wonk nor a political science. Last but not least, we will walk you through my process of ranking the best political betting websites.

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Political betting sites

Best Political Betting Websites – Where You Can Find All the Fun Bets

Political betting websites are quite popular these days. You will find many bookmakers who offer events such as general elections, US Presidential Elections, and often publish the odds for a global leader making a move on the global theatre. Whether this is Donald Trump or Kim Jung-un, politics is certainly intriguing, and the best websites that publish odds are always on the move to secure the most entertaining events and markets.

A good sign that a website is truly serious about politics is posting early markets. Some bookmakers may cover events two, three, or even more years beforehand. A great website will not shy away from posting the odds up for an election ahead of time. Besides, there is a sort of continuity in politics, and it’s often rather easy to predict who the main contenders in the next election would be.

Last but not least, I expect all politics betting sites to meet the same standards as regular sports bookmakers. They should be regulated, transparent, and allow you to make use of great bonuses. Still, when it comes to politics, you may need to rely on future bets rather than cashing in on any bonus.

How to Bet on Politics?

Placing bets on politics is very easy. All you need is a site that hat the right betting odds to give you the best edge as well as the right markets. Whether you are looking into a presidential race or a general election, the logic behind events is easy. Since most bets on politics may take years to decide, it’s perhaps best to avoid new sites that you know very little about.

Put this way, and you need to be fairly sure that the site you place your bets at today will be around for the events you want to bet on. Other than that, placing your bet is quite straightforward. You pick the event you like and use the funds you have deposited into the site. The bet will be logged into your history and, hopefully, pay off when the event is decided.

What Political Events Can You Bet On?

In politics betting, there are all sorts of events you can place bets on. Just like sports, you will see many different opportunities to wager. Most politics betting focuses on countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Russia, and even North Korea. You can bet on whether the current president would retain power or bet on how many seats party members would win.

Similarly, you can bet on parliament elections in the UK, for example, and bet on senators in the US. Just like in sports, there are favourites. Of course, bookmakers take a look at interesting events around the world and open new markets specifically for you to bet on. The odds are often determined based on public interest, and the media often has an important role to play in determining people’s perceptions and attitudes towards politics.

Main Types of Political Bets

The main type of such bets has to do with an outright winner. Interestingly, there are no spreads like in sports. When you bet on world politics, you want to get your bets right to a T. There is no room for spreads or handicaps here because events do have a single deterministic end. Therefore future/outright winners are more or less the only type of bet you can place on politics today.

This is not bad news at all, and I often have a few bets running myself. It makes sense, and I enjoy politics in a sense I follow what is happening around the world. Sometimes, you may place free bets on a contest, but this usually has to be done before the bet expires, and the event is settled. It could be a bit tricky to get the timing on your free bets right but, if you do, that would definitely be helpful.

How Do I Rank the Top Political Betting Sites?

Ranking the best political websites isn’t difficult. Just like with sports bookmakers, there are tell-tale signs that I always use. They include the reputation of the website and whether it has a license. Naturally, I tend to trust regulated gambling sites more. I check for a variety of bets, too, as I always want to find the best markets and opportunities.

Comparing betting odds is also important. After all, you are going to make a bet that will probably pay in some time after you have placed it. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to check all odds available to you and place the most worthwhile bet. I sometimes give a shot to new bookmakers, but they must have a good track record so that I can be sure they will be here when my bet is settled in one or four years.

Political Betting Tips & Strategies

Betting on politics is certainly not too easy, but it can be quite fun. There are some common tips and strategies to use in determining your bets today. Here is what I use to decide which contests to bet on and back.

  1. First-time presidents and prime ministers tend to run for a second term in the majority of the cases
  2. Media and public perception change very quickly and are easy to sway by new developments
  3. Populists tend to win over equally-matched mainstream parties in almost all political races
  4. Betting odds will change as the date of the event nears, correct early bets give better yield

As to developing a great strategy for betting on politics, it’s always a bit of a challenge. There is too much volatility, and you would need to follow events. You must show pluralism in your opinions as well. For example, sticking with just Fox News or CNN wouldn’t quite cut it. You ought to look into independent surveys of public perception. The good news is that if you do follow politics regularly, you are likely to not only pick the best odds but also make the best bet.


Betting on political races can be quite fun. Whether you are new to the segment or have had your years of experience, you will find something to bet on. There aren’t as many events to bet on as in sports, but you will still find a great selection of available markets to try. And remember, just like a true politician would do it, it’s all about the long-game.

Political Betting FAQ

  • Is betting on politics lucrative?

    Your bets on politics can pay very well provided that you place them early and spot trends that even the best scientists and wonk can't see. The best way to make this form of betting profitable is to have a genuine interest in it.

  • What are the best markets to bet on politics?

    Presidential races, primary elections, and general elections tend to be the most hotly bet on events. You will find a lot of information about each event to help you make up your mind.

  • Are free bets available for presidential and general elections?

    You can get free bets to place on a presidential race or general election, but you will need to make sure that your free bet won't expire before the event has been settled.