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Keno is one of the best solutions for those who love playing lottery games. As a player who has lottery fever in his heart, keno for real money is one of my favourite options. It is an easy and fun form of gambling entertainment for all player types. When you choose to play online keno real money, all you need is to watch the falling of many numbers and gather your win amount.

If you are going to play Online Keno games or looking for some fun in this gambling option, I am the answer to all of your questions. In this guide, you can find many aspects of keno games based on my own experiences, along with extensive research. Before we dive into the details, let me briefly tell what is online keno for real money all about.

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As I mentioned above, keno is not a complicated game to play. It depends on your pure luck contrary to other gambling options that require skill and luck together. Initially, it was an old Chinese game that includes guessing numbers, and it has evolved over the years with different variations.

In keno, basically, you select ten numbers from many; simply put, one to eighty. Then the system shows the winning numbers. Based on your selection and winning numbers of keno, you get a win. As you can see, it is a simple form of winning, which relies entirely on your luck.

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Best Real Money Online Keno Casinos

Now that you know the basics to play Keno Online, it is time to have a look at the best real money online keno casinos in the gaming industry. As an experienced gambler, I know important aspects while selecting the best online casino for you. In this regard, you can count on your guy when you choose to play keno online.

Most of the online casinos offer keno free to play in practice mode. It is a good opportunity to get to know the basics of the game and have a little warm-up playing. Although demo play is fun, the real money keno provides more than entertainment. Therefore, I am going to focus on the operators which present keno play as a real money gambling option.

The most important aspect while selecting your operator is the software of the keno. In this sense, the provider is of vital importance and defines the entertainment and house edge you get. To get a rewarding and entertaining experience, you should have a look at the giant vendors which have real money keno in their gaming selection.

Secondly, bonuses and promotions are highly important for a rewarding start at the casino game. By using these offers, you can double or even triple your fun while playing keno variants. Moreover, you should check the T&C’s of the bonus rewards not to face any surprises along the way.

There are lots of components to consider while selecting your online casino where you are going to play keno for real money. The list includes security, banking, mobile compatibility, house edge, and more.

How to Play Keno Online?

If you have questions on how to play keno, I am the right guy you are looking for. Keno is a relatively simple game considering other gambling options. It is very similar to the lottery game in many ways, although there are more winning numbers for keno to choose and draw.

To learn the logic behind the keno for real money, first, you need to know how the lottery works. In a lottery, there are usually 7 numbers you should guess, and 7 numbers are drawn by the system. Nevertheless, there are 10 numbers to choose from eighty numbers. Moreover, a total of 20 numbers are drawn. Consequently, the winning chance of playing keno is twice as the lottery.

Usually, in the lottery, you have to guess almost all numbers to get a win. However, while playing keno, you can get a win even you guess a couple of numbers correctly. Usually, you can get a decent win playing keno online if you guess half of the numbers you should select. Of course, the more numbers you guess, the more real money you get. If you guess half of the 20 numbers, you can get a massive win in the end.

As you can see, keno is a number guessing game that entirely depends on your luck. As it is a simple and rewarding game, more and more people started to play this entertaining game. I am also a big fan of playing keno and had rewarding play sessions in the near past. Mostly, there were times I guessed 8 out of 20 numbers.

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Features of Online Keno Sites

Today, many online casinos offer to play a keno game in their gaming selection. To ensure a smooth gaming experience, operators should have specific certifications and licences. Then you can have your rewarding and safe game experience.

Moreover, there are lots of features of online keno sites to play this unique game in a secure environment. Let’s review all of these features one by one and select the best casino to play keno game.


When I think about the real money gambling game, security is the number one concern that comes to my mind. I put the safety of my money and personal information above anything while playing a casino game. Obviously, this concern is valid for playing a keno game as well.

I prefer casinos with advanced encryption technologies, and I recommend you the same. Then your banking and personal information will be impenetrable from external threats. Only the best keno game sites have this type of technology.

Furthermore, you should always read the terms and conditions when you sign-up to play a keno game. Although it is going to be a long and intensive process, only then you can learn the policies and the requirements of the casino. It is crucial to find a casino which does not collect so much data from your experience.

Moreover, keno game casinos should be audited for security and fairness. Those who do not have this type of certification may alter the winnings keno draws based on their own benefit. Fairness is one of the most critical issues as a game like keno, which depends purely on luck.

Just like the security measures, licences are the indications of trustworthiness at online casinos. In this regard, the site you select for the Keno Online should hold a licence from a prominent gambling authority such as Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission. Although these two are the top-tier licences in the industry, you can follow the sites that hold other licences which also show legitimacy.

Acquiring a licence is not a simple procedure as the casinos should meet specific requirements and pass regulatory boards. Therefore, it is a reliable indicator of official services. It is highly essential for the genuineness of the winning numbers keno.


For a casino game like keno, money transaction is an important issue. In this regard, there are a variety of banking options to play keno online. Most of these methods are customer-friendly and offer fast and secure transactions for users. Moreover, internet payment methods are highly preferred among keno players.

Some of the payment and withdrawal methods available at the online casinos are:

  • Bank transfer
  • Casino cages
  • E-wallet – Neteller, Google Pay, Skrill, Paypal, and many more,
  • Debit/Credit Cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.
  • Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

Although these are the most common transaction methods, keep in mind that these options may vary by different casinos. Moreover, some methods may not be available in your country. Personally, I prefer casinos that have a variety of payment options without additional fees or at least with reasonable ones. Also, maybe I’m reminding this for the millionth time but, check the T&C’s before making transactions as your payment option may require extra expenses as well.

Currency is also a critical issue while depositing or withdrawing your money. Although many casinos provide EUR and USD, these currencies may not be the ones you prefer. In this case, check the supported currencies in the payments section. Today, you can find a variety of currencies, including some cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. In my opinion, cryptocurrency is the most rewarding way to deposit and withdraw your money.

Game Providers

The game has become a popular game option in the iGaming industry in the last few years. Therefore, more and more software providers offer this form of entertainment. Although it is not as famous as video slots, it is possible to find a variety of different keno games in the market. In my opinion, choosing a casino, which has more keno types can be a more rewarding experience for you.

Ezugi, 1×2 Gaming, Net Entertainment, and Microgaming are among the most famous and reliable keno providers. It is possible to find different variations of keno games from these brands. Some of the titles you can find are Jackpot Keno, Kenotronic, and the standard version keno.


To get a rewarding keno experience, bonuses have critical importance. Notably, a welcome bonus can be a fantastic opportunity for new casino players who wants to play real money keno. Although it is not common to see online casinos offering exclusive bonuses for this game, with a little research, you can find an operator with keno promotions. Hereby, you can check the ones that I recommend and listed here.

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that a bonus is only as good as its wagering requirements. In this regard, you should look for the bonuses that have low wagering requirements varying between 20x and 40x. Although high wagering requirements can be achievable for high rollers, budget players may have a hard time meeting it.

Mobile Optimisation

As mobile phones become an essential part of our lives, online casino gaming has evolved into something else. Now, players would like to enjoy their favourite game on the go. In my opinion, mobile optimisation is one of the most critical aspects of entertaining gambling experience. Personally, I spend more time playing casino games on my phones rather than playing on the desktop.

Considering this convenience, it is vital to find a casino which offers the game on mobile platforms as well. Although the mobile application is my favourite way, some websites also offer highly mobile compatible website to play. Moreover, with a mobile site, you can play keno whether you use iOS or Android devices.

Best casino operators usually provide its players with mobile online keno experience. Furthermore, they offer a smooth gaming experience with high-quality visuals and decent streaming quality. These two factors increase the entertainment to a great extent when you play keno.

Best Keno Bonuses at Online Casinos

It is highly possible that you have not faced exclusive offers for real money keno. You should look at some criteria while deciding if a bonus is rewarding or not.

Usually, online keno bonuses go like ‘deposit €100 and get €100 bonus’. The tricky part is always the wagering requirement. You should keep in mind that a high wagering requirement can be very disappointing in such kind of game. It is not acceptable to wagering 50x before withdrawing the bonus amount. Not to face a cruel requirement, always remember to check T&C’s before claiming the bonuses and promotions.

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Online Keno Tips

Although the game is very similar to the usual lottery, there are some online keno tips you should consider when you play the game. As your gambling buddy, I am here to give you some hints that make you reach the highest win. I remember saying that the game depends on pure luck. However, there are still some tricks to increase the risk of the house edge when you play.

First of all, you should always set a limit on your betting amounts. By doing so, you can manage your account balance and never lose more than you can afford. I always employ this rule to my play and never bankrupt. Keep in mind that this trick is also valid for other gambling options.

Secondly, you should embrace the idea that the odds never will be in your favour in a casino game. Just like the other online casino games, this is the nature of keno as well. In other words, the chance of getting ten out of 20 numbers is not high while playing keno games.

Another point is the number guessing strategy. To play with consecutive numbers always make sense as the system selects the numbers in random order. Nevertheless, if you are superstitious, to play the same numbers is also a good idea to try in a game. Furthermore, you can look for the numbers that are not in the paytable recently, but since there is RNG work goes on there, it wouldn’t mean that much, I’d say.

If you keep seeing the same numbers over and over again, you can increase your chances by betting on them. There might be a pattern that the system enforces in online keno games.

Last but not least, always play in practice mode before playing real money keno. This will make you adapt the game quickly without wasting any money. Free-to-play is an excellent opportunity, especially for beginner players.

Although the tips might increase your winning chance, I cannot guarantee you a win in keno with these tricks. As I mentioned a couple of times, online keno is a game of chance, just like other online casino games. Remember to play responsibly considering your budget.


Online keno has become highly popular among online casino players. Although it looks like a combination of bingo and lottery, it is slightly different than these games. While playing, you should select ten numbers among eighty numbers, unlike bingo and lottery.

Selecting the right casino operator is highly crucial for a safe and rewarding online keno experience. To choose the best one among many options, you should consider a variety of factors. Finding an operator which meets all the requirements that I mentioned could be very helpful in this case.

First of all, you should look at the security measures and licences that the online casino offer. To have a safe and smooth gaming experience, security and legitimacy are the number one concerns.

The second aspect is the banking options. You should select an online casino that offers a variety of payment method. Based on your banking solution, you can deposit money and start playing keno right away. While some operators provide fast and secure transaction methods, some may provide slow and expensive solutions. This is the last thing I want in an online casino.

Although online keno is not as preferred as other online casino games, you can find many providers offer this game in their gaming selection. In this sense, you should always prefer to look for prominent software providers. If you can find a decent version of online keno, your gaming experience will boost for sure.

Just like the other online casino games, bonuses and promotions are essential for a rewarding session in keno. Always choose online casinos which offer indulging cash bonuses with reasonable wagering requirements. To do that, you can check the ones that I listed.

On the whole, online keno is a rewarding and entertaining gambling option if you can find the right operator. You can select your online casino considering my priorities and advice. I am sure that you can find a decent option which meets all the requirements.



Online Keno FAQ

  • Which online keno site pays the most?

    The most paying online keno site is the one that offers reasonable wagering requirements, decent bonuses, and wide range of keno games.

  • How can I be sure about the security of the online keno site?

    To operate a safe and secure gaming experience, the online keno site should have the necessary security measures and regulatory licences.

  • Do I need to guess all the numbers right to win playing online keno?

    No. In case of hitting a couple of numbers, you can get a payout while playing online keno. On the other hand, the more you hit, the more you get.