Overwatch Betting

Overwatch is a worldwide popular team-based multiplayer FPS video game. The game was developed in 2016 by Blizzard Entertainment. It is counted as one of the best online esports titles.

I am going to share my insights about wagering on the title and how you can improve your wagering skills. There are plenty of online websites available where you can easily place bets for each game. The game is famous enough that every bookmaker ponders on it and provides better odds and multiple markets to attract more audience.

Throughout the year, numerous Overwatch esports tournaments occur on which you can easily bet your money and try your luck.

The better part of the Overwatch league bets is that you get multiple options to bet for with-in a single match. In my opinion, this diversity usually provides better chances of winning as you can bet multiple times in a single match, and even if you get unlucky from one bet, you might win the others.

To improve yourself at esports wagering, you must follow my website, where I share daily experience regarding the winning criteria of the predicted match.


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overwatch betting

Best Overwatch Betting Sites

Overwatch League has earned a lot of audiences during a short period. All the esports betting sites know the importance of the game. I have personally experienced it that almost every bookmaker is offering wagering on this title. Similarly, some betting sites also provide better odds during different tournaments to increase the target audience. Now, if you are confused to find a better bookmaker, you must keep some important points in mind like:

  • License from a governing body
  • Betting options
  • Payment options
  • Customer support service
  • Bonuses and offers
  • Variety of tournaments offered
  • Betting odds
  • Variety of deposit and withdrawal methods

When you consider all of these aspects one by one, there will stay a group of top-notch operators. However, you may be wondering how to evaluate the quality of these points. Well, it is your lucky day, fellas; because I’m here to explain every detail you must know.


To check the credibility of a bookmaker, you need to check the license he’s holding. Multiple esports betting sites will put up their licenses to attract an audience. You must always verify the license of a bookmaker with the rules and laws of your country. In several cases, a license from a bookmaker is legal in some countries while it may violate the laws in other countries. You must always check the license of a bookmaker and if it is legal in your country or not. For example, if your target market is in the UK, then you must get a license permit from the UK Gambling Commission. If you don’t obtain the license from the governing body, then you might not be able to operate an esports betting website legally.

Betting Options

To get better, you must have more options to bet. I would say that you must always check how many wagering options a bookmaker is offering for a particular game. You should always first do research and find the bookmaker who offers the most wagering options for the game.

Payment Options

To select a better bookmaker, you must always check the payment options available on the website. Every other gambling website provides different payment options. Few bookmakers are now offering crypto transfers as well. You must always select the payment method that suits you and your country the most. The most famous and reliable payment options are.

  • Debit/Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • Crypto
  • Trustly

When a bookie offers these options, you, the punters, can have a better experience in general. For a more fruitful time while placing your bets, check the payment options offered.

Customer Support Service

To choose a bookmaker for wagering, you must always keep notice of good customer service. Overwatch is a versatile game, and there are several options available for each match. A person might get stuck in different situations while wagering for a game. Good customer service will always be there for you to help. Therefore, I would say you must always select a bookmaker who offers a better customer support service. For instance, you should be able to get in touch with the live chat support immediately.

Bonuses & Offers

Similar to Dota 2, in a very less period, Overwatch League has earned so much audience. Throughout the year, Blizzard and multiple different sponsors offer multiple tournaments to entertain the audience. During the tournaments, every bookmaker tries and offers better outcomes to increase the target wagering options. To get benefits from the bonuses, I would recommend that you must keep track of important tournaments of Overwatch so that you must not miss any promotions offered by any bookmaker.

How to Bet on Overwatch?

Just like Betting on Overwatch esports is not a piece of cake. There are multiple betting options available for each match to bet on. First of all, you need to understand what these wagering options are. For sure reasons, there are wagering options for match-winners, but there can be several other scenarios in a match as well. For example, a bet type could be for the player with most kills and a player who had the least deaths.

Similarly, you must also understand how probability works for a particular match. The team with higher probability means that it has lower chances to win, and if it wins, you get the maximum reward and vice versa.

To bet on an Overwatch match, you need to select a better bookmaker and find your match to bet for. Simply deposit your money and place your bet on your favourite squad.

Betting Events for Overwatch

Just like Dota 2, there are plenty of tournaments being held throughout the year for Overwatch. A lot of bookmakers know the importance of the game and thus provide multiple wagering events. During the important tournaments of the game, all the bookmakers provide better odds, and I would recommend you follow these tournaments very closely as they could be your best wagering chance.

Overwatch Tournament Betting

To get the best of the situation, you must always wait and bet during an important Overwatch tournament. During these tournaments, all the bookmakers provide better odds to attract more audience to their websites. Blizzard and other sponsors organize multiple tournaments throughout the year, and you can always make tons of money from each of them. Some of the most famous Overwatch esports tournaments are:

  • Overwatch World Cup
  • Contenders S.2: South America
  • OW OMEN by HP Trophy
  • OW League
  • APAC Premier Series

There are plenty of other tournaments available for Overwatch. During each of these tournaments, you must remain active with your betting to make a better deal of it.

Overwatch Betting Tips

To get better at esports betting, I would recommend that you follow the important updates I share and understand how the betting and odds work. Similarly, you should also learn from my tips and observe closely how I place my bets.

The odds may differ from each of the bookmakers, and you must always select a betting site that is offering the best odds. A stronger team will always have lower odds; that means if it wins, you will receive the lowest rewards. Similarly, the odds will be higher for an underdog team, and if it manages to win, you will receive the highest rewards.

For better betting, you must consider the number of bet types at a betting website as well. Betting on multiple options is an easy way to recover your money and playing risk-free. For example, if a match has multiple betting options available, you can always bet on different types, and even if you get unlucky on one bet, you might win the others and balance your lost money.

Moreover, you should also keep following the important tournaments of the game as it is the best time for betting because the bookmakers are offering better odds during these times.

Overwatch Odds

To get better at wagering, understanding the odds is the most important task. You must always know which team to bet on and how can you check the odds and reduce your losing chances to a minimum. Let’s understand the odds with American format. If the odds are written in American format, then you might see them as (-150) vs (+110).

The team with a minus in front of it is the stronger one, and it means that this is the amount that you need to bet to earn €100. For example, a bet of €150 will return you as €250. This means that the odds are low and the reward is very less.

However, the team with a plus represents an underdog team, and it means that this is the amount that you will receive if you bet €100. So, betting a €100 on this squad will return you €210, and €300 bet will return €630. This bet has much more reward as the odds are high and the team has fewer chances of winning the game.

Most of the bookmakers these days use the decimal format for the odds. The American format odds (-150) vs (+110) will become 1.50 and 2.10 in decimal format. Understanding the odds is the most important task to learn to bet for a game.


In conclusion, I would say that Overwatch is an emerging game and has earned a lot of popularity within a very short period. To bet on a match, you must find a better bookmaker, and for that, a valid gambling license is a must. There are several bonuses and promotions available from bookmakers to attract more audiences and in my opinion that is the best time for betting. You must also understand how the odds work and should remain active during major events.


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Overwatch Betting FAQ

  • How does Overwatch League betting work?

    The online wagering for the title works exactly like any other game. The bookie decides the odds for each team depending upon their previous performances. First Deposit your money and then place your bet.

  • What kind of bets can I place on Overwatch?

    You can place bets on different types like match-winner, team to score first 10 kills, the exact outcome in a best-of-three series, etc.

  • Can I place a bet during a game?

    Yes! The title has multiple in-game betting. The odds will keep changing in the case of in-game betting, but this feature is available for each customer.

  • How does Overwatch Odds work?

    The team with higher odds will always return more reward and is a weaker one. On the other hand, the team with lower odds will have low reward and is the stronger one and has more chances to win.