Hi, I am Gambler Guy, and “Life is a gamble,” I will tell you as much. A while back, I decided to turn my passion for iGaming, as it’s popular these days, into something more meaningful. Something that can actually help other people who find gaming just as entertaining as I do.

That’s where GamblerGuy.com comes in. I picked the name and moniker because I wanted to relate to my readers and provide them with the best, most reliable information available. To do so, I wanted to come from a position of authority, and some 15 years in the industry have given me a good idea of what I am looking at today when I review mobile casino games, apps, brands and promotions, and more.

I have created GamblerGuy.com with one sole purpose. To share my impressions of the iGaming world with you and give you a good understanding of what to expect. We will cover a lot together. As you continue to return and use the website, your understanding of the iGaming industry will deepen, and you will develop a keener sense of what is good, what promotions to choose and why. 

As the Gambler Guy, however, I don’t solely focus on online gaming as such. You will discover a trove of articles, guides and helpful materials that explore other verticals, such as sports betting as well as betting on electronic sports, better known as esports. I will impart what I believe to be handy and actionable knowledge on all of these verticals with the sole purpose of helping you find the best possible solutions and entertainment products that you would yourself enjoy. 

How Do I Find the Best Casinos and Bookmakers?

The search for the best possible iGaming portal or bookmaker doesn’t stop with finding a single brand I like. I migrate from one brand to the next in a continuous effort to find the best and most valuable operators. To achieve this, I use a combination of knowledge, diligent research and even gut feeling to find my way to the best brands.

Brands that I have reviewed and recommended meet my personal standards as someone who has gambled actively for more than 15 years. I make sure that what I recommend, however, is not just a matter of personal preference or opinion. The truth is I am well-aware of current trends and developments, and I strive to issue recommendations based on what the best solutions currently are on the market.

Therefore, any brand that I have reviewed at one point may lose its position in my rank list if it fails to innovate or provide players with the best possible products. I understand that this takes effort, and I understand that some subjectivity will go into my reviews and guides. However, all of the information I provide you with is, to the best knowledge, factual and useful.

I welcome you to read GamblerGuy.com’s Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Legal Disclaimer to see the appropriate uses of the information I provide you with at the Website.