Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy hereby referred to as the Policy, explains how uses your data. The Policy explains the types of information collects (hereafter referred to as “the Website”), the use of cookies, and how the Website uses the information. The Policy provides details about with whom the Website shares your information, for how long the Website retains personal and non-identifiable information, and how the Website protects it.

What Types of Information Does the Website Collect?

the collects information with the sole purpose of improving the user experience for readers and visitors of the Website. All the information collected on the Website is aggregated, so it may not serve for identifying you specifically. Instead, the Website collects information about your browsing patterns, time spent on different pages, how many times you have visited the Website over a specified period of time, your overall time spent, clicks, actions and more.

To achieve this, the Website uses a number of third-party tools that help the Website best optimize its understanding of your specific needs. As to “Personal Information”, or information that may identify you, the Website may collect such information through a newsletter if you subscribe, at some point, for the Website’s promotional email, assuming such becomes available.  

Should you subscribe, you acknowledge that your email will become known to the Website’s partners and the Website itself. the Website may also obtain information that pertains to your computer and browser, as well as IP and specific hardware.

In the instances where the Website combines personal information with non-personal information, the Website will automatically treat the data as personal information and continue to do so until it segregates it again.

Why Do Website Needs Cookies?

The use of cookies helps the Website achieve a better understanding of your browsing patterns. Cookies allow the Website to specifically see what you do on the Website as well as track information throughout pages. That, in turn, helps the Website improve its offer to better meet your expectations. 

The Website may generally use three types of cookies, each with their own specific purposes and intent. The first type (i) is the “session cookies,” which are stored temporarily on your computer, during your session, to allow you to browse and access the Website without issues.

The second (ii) type of cookies is the “permanent cookies,” which will be installed on your computer and stay for an extended period of time to allow us to analyze your behaviour on your repeat visits. 

Last but not least, you have the third type of cookies (iii) or “third-party cookies,” which are introduced by the Website’s analytical tools to help it monitor and collect more accurate web data. Such cookies might be introduced by Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Clicky and other analytical tools the Website uses to help achieve the best user experience. 

How Does the Website Use Your Information?

The Website only uses your data as permissible by law. It uses your personal information in several specific cases bound by this privacy policy:

  • When the interest of the Website is using your personal or non-identifiable data does not override your interests, in other words, the Website only uses your data when there is no harm to the party whose data it is.
  • To provide the Website’s services to you and help you experience its products and services in a hassle-free environment.
  • The Website uses personal information to advance its business strategy and establish long-term and sustainable solutions for its readers and visitors.
  • As a way to ensure the quality of the service and also solve problems including but not limited to the products found on our page.

Parties the Website Shares Your Information With

To provide you with the best possible experience, the Website often has to reach out to third-parties who become its trusted partners over time. Therefore, some sharing of information takes place between the Website and these third-parties. 

The Website ensures that all trusted third-parties have the necessary infrastructure to guarantee that your data is safe and protected at all times. Your personal or non-identifiable information will be processed by such third-parties with the utmost care, enjoy SSL encryption and full compliance with the laws and jurisdictions such parties operate in.

Neither the Website nor third-parties can disclose your information unless in the cases where they are petitioned by a government body or investigative unit. However, the Website can use the data it collects to establish or exercise its rights to defend against legal claims. It may use data to prevent harm to the rights, property or safety of the Website, the users, yourself or any third-party. 

Additional applicable uses are allowed as per active data protection laws that guarantee the fair use of information and its safeguarding. 

How Long Does the Website Keep Your Information?

The Website retains your information for as long as it needs it to provide you with a quality service. However, the Website understands that you may have concerns about your privacy or leaving a trace after you have stopped using the services.

Therefore, if you want to specifically find out the status of your personal data, you are free to reach out to the Website. Similarly, you can request a complete data erasure from the Website’s database which you are fully entitled to.

You can also request a correction of your personal data, or you can specifically ask the Website not to process your data. You are entitled to this and more. If you have other specific questions about your data, please feel free to get in touch with the Website. 

How Does the Website Protect Your Information?

To protect your information, the Website first and foremost complies with existing legislation. Each jurisdiction has its own specific laws and statutes about the use of personal data and to what extent a service is allowed to use it.

Apart from ensuring that each jurisdiction’s statutes are upheld, the Website uses a number of technical measures to prevent theft, corruption or misuse of your data. The Website uses a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology that encrypts the data and safeguards it against third parties.

Once the Website has collected data, it only transmits it to parties and countries where adequate privacy and data protection standards have been established and fully complied with.