Fortnite Betting

Fortnite is an online Battle Royale game developed by Epic Games in 2017. It has three different play modes that make it very amiable for gamers around the globe.

I am going to talk about my personal gambling experience in Fortnite and how it became a huge success for esports betting sites. First of all, the game has been ruling as a king in the world of BR genre. You can’t deny the fact that it has beaten its competitors on many occasions. Even if we, as players ignore these small details, bookmakers won’t. Why? Because they want to offer the best on their website and increase their user database. When Fortnite battle royale was released back in 2017, some of the bookmakers could already see its potential in the upcoming years for gambling. If I were to judge the markets available in Fortnite, then it might be too early to make a profit out of the game unlike the rest of the esports titles.


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Most betting sites offer solo and duo championships, and there are tons of betting markets available in it as well. However, right now, only a few reputed bookmakers are offering gambling on Fortnite.

I came across to know that those bookmakers are offering different betting markets for each championship. If you compare Fortnite with the rest of the esports, then it might not be your everyday wagering niche. Also, predicting an outcome might not be easy since there’s not enough information regarding competitive players and their past history in the event. Therefore, Fortnite keeps itself as a mystery until further organisations.

If you want to excel at gambling on Fortnite battle royale, then watching the live stream and following regular updates are your best options right now. Typically analysts and tipsters post their predictions regarding other esports titles, and you will rarely see Fortnite tips being offered. Hence, you are a one-man army who has to do research and only then manage your bets on Fortnite.

Fortnite Betting Sites

Due to the diverseness of the game modes, there are hundreds of different markets available. Each esports betting site has pondered upon it as the number of bettors is increasing every day. While there are numerous websites available for Fortnite wagers, you might get confused in selecting the best one. To find the best website to bet on Fortnite, here are some of the points that you must consider while selecting any website.


License is not strictly related to Fortnite betting, but it is used to validate the legality of a betting site. There has been a lot of scams in the past, and I myself have been a victim of it. Now I always look for legal security and license from a well-reputed organization before selecting a bookmaker. By a well-reputed organization, I actually mean a government official organization that grants you the permit to operate a betting site. There are some rules and regulations which you need to follow to get the license. However, I won’t dig deep into its details.

Obtaining a license has always been a top priority for the bookmakers. Without the presence of a legal license, users would lose their trust on the website.

Payment Options

Different websites are offering different payment methods. Some websites are even promoting the cryptocurrency and let you make a deposit or withdraw through it. The popular payment methods available on different esports bookmakers are.

  • Debit/Credit card
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Western Union and many more

There are plenty of other payment options available as well. A lot of bookmakers attract their customers by providing them with multiple payment methods. To get a better experience, you should always select the payment method that suits you the most.


Betting markets

As I mentioned earlier, there are a few bookmakers out there offering Fortnite as a part of their gambling cycle. Different types of markets affect your overall outcome. Therefore, choosing a specific Fortnite betting market is something you should consider before betting. Of course, not all betting markets are suitable for actual betting. For example, predicting the player with the highest number of kills in a match might not be a piece of cake as it is highly unpredictable to pick a player from a list of 100. Instead, markets like match winner/tournament winner might be the best possible markets since there is little to no information on the rest of the markets. However, if you are a regular follower of different streamers, then you can also gamble on the rest based on your experience.

Customer Support Service

Before selecting a bookmaker, you must always check how they deal with their customers or if there is any customer support service section available or not. Betting on games and understanding the odds has never been a piece of cake. You might get stuck at a particular point and need help from the website. To avoid this, you must select the website with better customer support service.

How to Bet on Fortnite

To understand how to bet on Fortnite, you must know which game mode you are betting on. If you are planning for Battle Royale, then you must understand how the odds work. Out of all the 100 players, if one of the players is most favourite, then that player will have the lowest betting odds. This means that if you bet on that player for the win, then you will receive the lowest outcome. You will only receive the highest reward if you bet on an underdog and the player manages to win.

Different websites offer live esports betting on Fortnite as well. With a live bet option, you can enjoy esports betting on your favourite players during a match.


Betting Events for Fortnite

Just like any other game, wagering on Fortnite’s specific event may get you a particular perk. Many bookmakers offer various deals during a special event to attract more audience. There are different events for Fortnite betting that occur each year. You might want to get familiar with them to get the best of the situation.

Fortnite Tournament Betting

Just like Dota 2, Fortnite also has various events with millions of dollars worth of prize pool. As the game is one of the most famous esports games, a lot of people are taking part in various esports betting events. Some of the most popular events for Fortnite betting are:

  • Calvogames
  • Twitch Rivals Super Games
  • M5PL SOLO event
  • DreamHack Anaheim.

There are plenty of more Fortnite gambling events available. You just need to be active in the league and find your favourite event. Moreover, during an event, you get more markets to bet on. You can bet for a tournament winner or a specific match-winner. Furthermore, you may also look for numerous other markets where you can earn good money as well.

Fortnite World Cup

Each year the developer organizes the biggest tournament for the game, the Fortnite World Cup. The tournament is divided into several parts. As it has different modes, each mode is played separately, and each mode gets a unique champion. During the tournament, all the bookmakers provide multiple promotions as a huge number of people are looking for placing their money for a bet. Plus, during the event, you can bet for a solo champion, Duos champions, the Creative Winners, and the Pro-Aim Winners.

betting at fortnite world cup

Every mode brings multiple markets for the people. This is not just all; each game of the tournament comes with different odds and several markets. If you are interested in esports betting for Fortnite, then the World Cup is the best time for you to join the market.


Fortnite has become one of the most played esports Battle Royale games in a short period. It was released in 2017 and ever since it has earned so much popularity that every bookmaker has started to offer it.

To bet your money on a Fortnite match, you must always find the well-reputed bookmaker first, and then you must understand how different odds work in a Fortnite game. To get the better of a situation, you must also keep important tournaments in mind as the game is very famous and different tournaments take place throughout the year. During these tournaments, the bookmakers provide better odds and multiple promotions.

You must also not miss the best esports betting chance of the year for Fortnite esports. During the World Cup event of Fortnite, all the bookmakers provide different promotions to attract more people.





  • Can you Gamble on Fortnite?

    Fortnite has become one of the most featured games among the bookmakers. There are plenty of markets available for each game of Fortnite. You can always bet on a Fortnite match. However, you need to be 18+ to bet.

  • How do I bet on Fortnite esports?

    First, join a well-reputed bookmaker. Deposit your money and look for a suitable match. Now just bet with your desired amount and wait for the results.

  • Are Fortnite events cross-platform? Can I bet on all of them?

    Fortnite events surely are cross-platformed. Several players with different gaming platforms compete against each other in a single event. Similarly, you can always join the esports betting league in any kind of event for Fortnite.

  • How Fortnite betting odds work?

    Fortnite betting odds are very simple to understand. In a Battle Royale match, out of all the 100 players, the player who has the maximum chances to win will have the lowest odds, and the player with minimum chances to win the game will have the highest odds. This means that you will get the highest rewards if you bet on the player with the lowest chances of winning. In a duos match, odds will always be lower as compared to the solo championship.

  • Should I consider every Fortnite betting market?

    Fortnite betting odds are very simple to understand. In a Battle Royale match, out of all the 100 players, the player who has the maximum chances to win will have the lowest odds, and the player with minimum chances to win the game will have the highest odds. This means that you will get the highest rewards if you bet on the player with the lowest chances of winning. In a duos match, odds will always be lower as compared to the solo championship.