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Skillz is a platform that offers an interesting twist on the traditional “competitive gaming” segment. The company provides players with a fair and competitive variety of mobile games and no small number of games described as esports. Yet, these aren’t your traditional esports titles, but rather unique, albeit familiar titles, such as Solitaire Cube, Dominoes Gold, Esports Bowling, and others.

The platform is compatible with all mobile devices, whether you are an Android or iOS user, or prefer to game from a tablet or a laptop. Skillz will make it possible to have smooth gameplay whatever your preferred gaming option. By 2015 alone, Skillz had paid out $10 million to winners, who proved to be some of the smartest participants in the platform.

While Skillz is still far from offering traditional esports, the platform has grown significantly. Today, you can pick from dozens of titles that have attracted 11.9 million players worldwide. Let’s take a look at why playing at Skillz makes so much sense first hand.

Why Play at Skillz?

Skillz has a fantastic environment tailored to the needs of players. With prize pools worth millions of dollars, you can expect to land great real money rewards the better you are at the game you have picked. For its part, the company describes the in-game environment as fun & fair, offering players many opportunities to participate in tournaments, pick their preferred game, and win cash prizes as they go along.

Skillz has games available in every major genre of competition, but better yet, there are clear competitive structures. Apart from tournaments, you can join in leagues and live events as well as improve your own standing in the Skillz platform by scoring higher on the leaderboard.

Every victory you win will help you climb up the rankings. As your gameplay improves, you will find upward mobility easy and win real money as you enjoy your hobby. Players can participate 24/7 and expect to find a dedicated helpline available around the clock.

Skillz promotes itself as a secure platform where cheating is neither permissible nor possible. The platform also runs charity tournaments where you can join and know that your contributions will be shared with people in need through the “Gaming for Good” initiative.

Best of all, Skillz, as the name suggests, is a gaming community where your ability to play games will determine how much real money you can win. There is a degree of chance in everything, of course, but overall Skillz allows players to rely on their own ability to play.

Best Skillz Games for Android & iOS

Skillz runs a huge selection of real money games where winning cash prizes is definitely an option. All games are naturally available on mobile, allowing you to benefit from lightsome gameplay that gets competitive as soon as you put your mind to it. Popular titles here include Bubble Shooter, Solitaire Cube, Dominoes Gold, 21 Blitz, and others. The fact is, Skillz keeps adding to its vast portfolio, although some games definitely tend to be played more. Today, Skillz runs over 2 million tournaments daily.

Solitaire Cube: Win Real Money

Rated by over 60,000 people globally, Solitaire Cube is one of the best mobile games you can try today. Reading through the available Solitaire Cube reviews, it’s easy to see why so many players turn to this title first. The competitive twist allows you to find every new game exciting, as different opponents come with a new level of difficulty. Your own ranking will match you with worthy opponents as well.

Some users have praised the quickness of the game while others have been very happy with how Solitaire Cube creates gameplay that doesn’t get old. Judging from the available feedback, this mobile game is given 5/5 by at least 80% of the community with the other 10% settling for a more objective, 4/5 score. I personally find Solitaire one of the best games you can try today and the fact you can compete against others or participate in tournaments is exciting on the face of it.

21 Blitz: A Solid Card Game

Now, Blitz is an interesting addition to the Skillz’s line up. For starters, it’s a mix between 21 and Solitaire. You know what this means, right? Familiar yet exciting gameplay put together from scratch to offer a new twist. The winning conditions are definitely going to ring a bell if you are familiar with either of the games, as you will have to either create a hand that doesn’t exceed 21 points or stack five cards instead. If you do love card games, you will find 21 Blitz the perfect pick for you.

Bubble Shooter: Shoot the Bubbles Down!

Bubble Shooter is a zappy game in which you control a small cannon that shoots out missiles to destroy an oncoming wall of bubbles. Your objective is simple – destroy the wall before it crushes you. With quick and colourful gameplay and look, Bubble Shooter may have a very casual look, but the fact is your prowess on your handheld device will get you further along in the game. You will be able to win tournaments, earn various cash prizes, and challenge others in a head-to-head battle.

Strike! Esports Bowling: How Well Do You Bowl?

With Skillz, it all feels a little competitive, hence why people refer to the website as Skillz Esports. Strike! Esports Bowling is a familiar game that has the added benefit of a competitive setting which allows you to win money and cash out your winnings. Most users agree that the game gives you a great deal of realism when it comes to rolling the ball and hitting the pins. Of course, it’s hard to imagine how a video game can do that, but if well-seasoned bowlers say as much, it’s time for you to check out this esports title.

Is it legit and Can You Trust the Platform?

Too much of a good thing is never a good thing, or at least so common sense would have you believe. I, for one, was very sceptical of Skillz when I first heard about it. Yet, over the years, I have studied the platform, and Skillz did show a lot of consistency and promise. They have been distributing cash prizes exceeding $8 million – $10 million every year. The inundation of positive feedback has definitely helped me set my mind and recommend this website.

However, Skillz’s name was recently evoked in an unfortunate turn of events. It has been alleged that Esports Skillz may have cheated on card games. A $5.8 lawsuit has been filed by Mac Verstandig who represented the plaintiffs in the Mike Postle case. Now, I am a little sceptical about the outcome of this one, but for yours and my peace of mind, I will keep following the developments. For now, it’s only just allegations, and if my read of events is correct, Verstandig doesn’t have much of a case.

If you are looking for real money gambling games, you can check out the website – they are reviewing only legit online casinos in the United States. Online gambling is legal in some states such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Skillz Games Promo Codes

Finding a promo code for Skillz isn’t so difficult at all. Some services, such as mine, will provide you with exclusive bonus codes you can use to start with a little more in the way of money at first. It’s up to you to use your starter’s capital reasonably and reap even better results!


Many consumers were sceptical when Skillz first debuted its product and virtual currency. Yet, eight years later, I have seen a gaming platform that excels in every sense of the world. There is a great way to accumulate the virtual currency that is used as a social token of no actual value, other than bragging rights, but this doesn’t stop participants from winnings millions worth of cash prize.

The best part is that all games have provably fair gameplay and the better you become, the better your results will be. Ever felt like you can turn some money on your casual mobile gaming? Here’s your chance to put this to the test.


Can you really win money on Skillz?

Yes, the whole concept of the Skillz platform is to allow you to win real cash. There is no limit on how much you can win, and unlike a casino, you will be able to keep playing no matter how much you end up winning!

Can you play Skillz games on PC?

Skillz doesn’t support PC gaming per se, although there are some emulators you can use. However, for the best experience possible, I recommend you stick with the official website.

How do you get free money on Skillz games?

The website continually incentivizes players by extending various gifts. The simplest way to get free money and play on any Skillz game is by inviting your friends over as part of the referral program.

Has anyone won a car from Skillz?

Skillz doesn’t make award items, but just cash prizes. However, the money from such winnings has gone to cover anything from medical bills to tuition fees, to buy a new car.

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