Playing blackjack for a living: how do I make €15k a month by playing Blackjack?

What playing blackjack for a living? Have you gone mad? No, I am currently in possession of all my marbles. And, as it turns out, blackjack can be a great source of additional income, or even turning a decent living. Of course, not many players are willing to go the distance, study the game in-depth, and even learn from their mistakes.

Now, I will admit, it’s not easy to teach yourself all the tricks and useful habits that will separate you from the riff-raff of the blackjack playing community. But, for a determined blackjack player whose singular purpose is to make a living, the love for the cards does pay off. This here is my own account of how I make money at the blackjack tables.

There are some things I am sure you will appreciate and some you will object to. I myself have been dubious about my success from time to time, but with persistence and teaching myself the right habits, I have been able to turn quite a substantial income.

Now, your ego has no place at the blackjack table, even if it’s a virtual one, and if you take everything as a personal affront, blackjack isn’t’ for you. I am here to tell you how I make a living playing blackjack, and I have absolutely no regrets about it.

How Do I Make €15,000 by Playing Blackjack for a Living?

Now, one of the things you should know about me is that I do enjoy card games. From the earliest age, I was mad about any card game I could play. Gambling hasn’t been something I aspired to. Simply put, I just loved the games. I played many non-casino card games at first, collectables as they call them. I am a huge fan of Magic Arena: The Gathering, and I can confirm that the depth and strategy that goes in MTG will make you a better card player if you ever try to master it.

Sure, I tried poker for a while there and enjoy it. However, my true love has been blackjack. Ever since I found out about blackjack, I have been playing avidly. My favourite is American and Classic, but I sometimes indulge in other versions. The true appeal of the game lies not in the frills that newer version adds but the core blackjack strategy that goes in defeating the house each time.

The cards can produce dozens of outcomes, and you should know the odds. Now the way I have been able to a huge profit – some €15,000 in fact – is not because cramming each hand individually. Yet, over time, my understanding of blackjack has developed to the point where I know which cards to play and more importantly – how to play them. Do I split, hit or stand? That takes experience, knowledge, and some maths.

I have also developed habits and herein lies your key to success – habits. You need to know how to play professional blackjack, even if you are playing leisurely. Making the right choices will always pay off. So, whether you are in Las Vegas or at home and in front of your computer, or perhaps playing from a mobile device, beating the house always feels great, I can tell you this much.

The Casinos I Play At – Take a Tour

So, you are probably wondering. Where can I turn €15,000 a month? I have my list of preferred casinos you will find on my page. Now, I know that it’s all about the player and the version of the game, but having a nice casino to play at isn’t bad at all. I prefer my gaming environment to be tailored to my tastes specifically. For example, I often change devices, and an omnichannel experience makes a ton of sense. When I play on the go, I would much rather have good, uninterrupted gameplay focusing on my hards and trying to read the dealer’s hand.

There are some other perks I have found by playing at specific blackjack websites. For starters, many casinos actually have a very decent VIP and loyalty programs. Now, I am not saying a blackjack professional should necessarily get into one.

But it always happens, just because you spend enough time playing. The rewards will be tempting, too, as most casinos will want you to claim a bonus by depositing some of your money. Now, I only stick to the casinos where my actual VIP points can be redeemed back for some extra cash.

I have my eyes on the prize, and that’s the €15,000 in my bank account. Now that you know a bit more about my preferred casinos and why I choose them, I recommend we get down to the nitty-gritty of how it all happens.

Just Pure Blackjack Skill and Understanding

I often get asked – how can you make a living by playing blackjack? It’s “simple,” because it’s my passion, but just because I am passionate about blackjack, this doesn’t mean I don’t have to put a lot of hard work. Just take into consideration the number of hours I spend playing. It’s like a part-time job, but the return is much better, and I dare say – it’s way more enjoyable than being stuck in the office.

I rely on two main ingredients for my success – my knowledge of the game and the skill I have cultivated through dedicated play. One of the things I notice is that players end up playing a lot – as if time could make up for some inherent flaw of your understanding of the game.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are losing, that means you are rolling too fast, and you need to recalibrate your gameplay. Why are you losing? Are you pressured to make back some of the money you have just lost a few hands in a row? So, what? Bad beats happen all the time, and a good blackjack player should know never to get emotional. That’s a basic strategy for you.

Of course, using abstract terms as “skill” and “understanding” makes it sound way too easy, but it isn’t. I want you to know what you are up against and how professional blackjack can help you make a living.

Blackjack 101: How to Start Turning a Profit

Today, I will talk about nothing else by making a living playing blackjack. In other words, I will make sure to talk you through a basic strategy, teach you how to know the moment when you should walk away, and remind you that the long-term is the most important measure that matters to you as a player.

Whether you are in Las Vegas right now or home at your computer, or on a mobile device, my advice will be equally acceptable, because blackjack always boils down to the same rules – make a hand worth 21 or the strongest hand on the table. I will walk you through my process.

Use Cheat Sheets, They Are Allowed

Cheat sheets are perfectly fine, and they are actually allowed in Las Vegas casinos. So, don’t play coy and use what is being offered. The cheat sheets will help you replace card counting, as they already give you a very good probability of what cards to expect. There is a lot of decision-making, much like when you count cards, but they make your life significantly easier.

I myself used to take a bit of pride at first and didn’t want to trust the sheets, but there is A LOT of merit in those. I possibly couldn’t stress how important it is to familiarise yourself with those basic probabilities and put them to good use, indeed. Low cards and high cards are all part of the equation, and if you are new, you will see a decent return on your cards.

Just make sure to get your cheat sheets from a reliable source and test them every time. One thing I used to do when I got a little more advanced was to keep an exact account of how much I have won and lost using a particular cheat sheet and playing a specific version.

Set Your Bankroll Before You Play Blackjack

Now, I can see a lot of people who want to play blackjack, but don’t want to set some basic rules. It’s all about you and how far ahead in the game you can get. The safest way to do this is to set a controlled environment. You are not some maverick who features in a Hollywood flick and will have the luck of the draw to leave the casino a millionaire.

No, you are just human, and you have a lot of potentials. Playing blackjack will help you develop this potential, but first, you need to set some guidelines. I have found having a budget immensely helpful. It won’t help for your blackjack wins, but it will teach you to appreciate your money and think before taking a risk.

Giving yourself some time to consider your hand and cards is not a bad thing. Having a budget means that you will weigh each bet. At least this is what I do, and it works, as my bankroll shows. Of course, I didn’t start this way. I was stupid, placing a random bet here and a random bet there. I thought only bookworms dig into strategies, and that the real strategy you could set was at the blackjack table.

Boy, was I wrong? After setting up a budget, I was able to pace myself and play more deliberately. That was years ago, but the habit still stays, and even though I clearly can afford to spend a pretty penny, I set fixed, rigid budgets for myself and stick to them like catechisms.

Pick a Popular Version of the Game

There are dozens of great blackjack games today, but to get the best results, you will want to choose four and 8-deck games in general. In my experience, all the information you can find about the game these days will always gravitate around the four and 8-deck versions. Picking a popular version of blackjack has other benefits. You can be sure that any basic strategy will work and you will be able to try tested plays every time you join a table to play.

You see, it all boils down to probabilities. But to be able to read those accurately, something like counting cards, actually, you will always want to experience the most familiar versions of the game, and doubly so if you are trying to make money playing blackjack. The cards will remain the same, though.

I Know How to Count Cards, But That’s Not It

In my time, I have learnt how to count cards like a pro pulled off the big screen of a Hollywood movie. Yet, there are a lot of things the movies don’t tell you. Counting cards is stressful, it’s flirting with danger, and it’s very difficult to pull off. At least at first. Then, in time, if you play blackjack long enough and keep counting cards, it will become easier. The only downside I can immediately think of is that you need to study up – it’s like an exam you swot up for in bursts. Once the exam is gone, your memory tends to slip.

Of course, counting cards follows a specific internal logic, and that always makes it easier to remember. You can count cards in any basic blackjack on the casino floor. But you should know a few things first. Let’s start with how to pick the right table where you can try your luck at card counting.

How to Pick a Blackjack Table If You Are a Card Counter

At the height of my card counting career, I was a truly formidable opponent to any live dealer. I have since moved to online blackjack, but my experience is certainly still relevant. One thing I used to do was to look for a rookie live dealer. Now, Atlantic City and Las Vegas live dealers aren’t random people, and they have tons of experience.

Yet, I could always smell a rookie from afar. A novice dealer is less likely to catch a card counter, at first. The beauty of card counting, actually, is that you cannot prove that I am counting cards. At best, you can send the waitress to chat me up and offer me a complimentary drink, two or three.

Another ploy I have used in card counting is to sit at the busiest tables. However, I don’t immediately do, and I usually have a drink by a table to see what’s happening in the game. After all, you definitely don’t want to sit at a table where another player is card counting. That’s just too much attention going your way.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Bored.

I have news for you. Playing blackjack for a living boils down to specific, tested gameplay patterns. In other words, you will have to stick with the best and optimal moves in each situation. There is a gut feeling involved, I will give you that, but your gut can hardly beat probabilities. My point here is that you shouldn’t be afraid of the game getting a little boring. After all, you are after a specific outcome, and whether you are card counting or just play blackjack based on a tested strategy, or referencing a cheat sheet, you should always be prepared to make an optimal choice.

Some players even distract themselves with movies and music, because the game itself boils down to playing according to the optimal move in each situation. Of course, it will be some time until you get to the point where you can do that.

Once You Learn Everything, up the Tables

Now, you can hardly win thousands off a single table, so if you are going to be playing analogous blackjack, make sure to have a few tables lined up instead. I usually load up a few games at the same time if possible. If not, then I just play at two casinos to quicken the pace of play a little. Of course, your ability to bet big will fall a little if you split your bankroll, but that’s mostly situational.

Another thing you have to do to boost your winnings is to pick the right casinos. Only the right casinos can bring you the level of engagement and fairness you need to succeed in the long-term, and specifically to play at several tables.

Now, the good thing about blackjack is that it can never get too boring, so you will always have to be vigilant, even if you are not a card counter. You will surely want to be a blackjack winner, and that requires a fair degree of concentration come what may. So, keep your eyes on the tables and don’t skip a beat.

Play Live Dealer Blackajck for a Bit of Advantage

Now, if you do have the bankroll, and your blackjack gaming has taken you close to my monthly revenue, you will want to try the live dealer blackjack games. They are quite fun and transport you right to the casino floor. Now, why I enjoy these casino games is not just the smouldering good looks of the hostesses. Rather, I love having the company of a real person. The game feels more realistic, and I feel more motivated to win.

This version of the game doesn’t give you any special benefit or advantage, but it does let you bet a little more with some tables reaching even €10,000 per single hand. Of course, since you will want to be earning €15,000 like myself, you might want to take a more measured approach.

The bet limits aren’t too bad though. You will find most blackjack live tables to offer starting bets at around €1 – €5. One inherent benefit of the live dealer games is that card counters can still benefit from them. You won’t be able to count through the entire game, as the cards are shuffled by the dealer from time to time, or replaced altogether. However, you may be able to get a bit of a foothold into the game.

Once again, I mostly rely on probabilities when I bet on online blackjack rather than trying to come up with the correct card counting strategy.


I have had a blast putting this article together. Now, you must realise that this is my experience only. Making €15,000 a month isn’t easy, nor is it carved in stone. Your earnings will fluctuate and vary. However, learning how to play blackjack like a professional will definitely give you a strong start. I can’t promise you you will earn as much as I have, but then again, who knows. You might just end up earning more!


  • Is it possible to play blackjack for a living?

    Yes, you can make a living playing blackjack. Your bets will be tailored according to a pre-determined strategy. What you need to do is be patient and play smart. All the information is out there, and you just need to study and put it into practice.

  • How much do professional blackjack players make?

    Professional blackjack players could earn between €15,000 and hundreds of thousands every year. The numbers vary based on whether these players still have access to casinos and whether they play as consistently as necessary.

  • Can you make a living playing blackjack without counting cards?

    You most certainly can. Clearly, card counters have a better chance when they place a bet, but relying on statistical probability is also a possible way to get the correct results.

  • Is playing blackjack online worth it?

    Yes, playing online blackjack is definitely worth it. You will need to still learn some strategies and practice a lot. However, as long as you bet smartly, it will all pay off. Have patience and show some consistency first, though.

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