How Working Out Affects Gambling?

If you want to get as many gambling wins as possible, your brain and body must be at peak performance all the time. You have to be alert, motivated to win, and in full control of the situation.

Working out does exactly that for you. I can give you countless examples in which I have sat down on a poker table right after doing physical exercise, and I was a guaranteed winner even before a card was dealt.

Of course, some of that was down to my excellent gambling skills, but a big reason why I have won all those hands after working out is the stimulating effect doing exercise had on my brain and body.

Excellent Stress Reliever

As most of you know, gambling is a great stress reliever. The same is true of working out. When you work out, you reduce your stress levels, are more relaxed, and as a result, you are in a better state to score gambling wins.

That’s why I always try to incorporate at least some work out before I start gambling. It’s worth mentioning here that you don’t have to do military-style exercises to relieve stress and improve your gambling. Most of the time, simple aerobic exercises will do the trick.

For instance, roughly ten minutes of push-ups and abdominal crunches is enough to put me in peak gambling performance. Three sets of ten reps relieve me of any built-up stress and turn me into a win-hungry gambling wizard.

Reduces Panic and Anxiety

Panic and anxiety are two things you don’t want to feel while on a gambling table. They make any losing streak twice as long and can easily be the two main reasons why a gambler has gone bankrupt. Unfortunately, lots of players experience these when losing, and even worse, they don’t know how to deal with them.

I have one word of advice for these fellow gamblers – workout. When you are working out, you decrease muscle tension, and you get your heart rate up. This, in turn, changes the chemistry in your brain and increases the presence of anti-anxiety chemicals.

And a brain that reacts calmly to a high-tension gambling situation can help you in two ways. First, it will enable you to come out on top in most rounds because you will make a panic-free gambling decision.

Secondly, even if you lose that hand, a relaxed brain will help you deal with the loss better. It will prevent you from going down a losing spiral of disastrous bets and panic-fueled gambling.

More Oxygen to the Brain for Better Gambling Decisions

Lastly, when you do exercise, you increase the levels of oxygen in your brain. You have probably heard of billionaire CEOs going inside oxygen chambers to make better decisions that benefit their companies.

It’s the same for gamblers. We might not be able to afford those oxygen chambers, but we can go for the much cheaper alternative of working out and boosting our blood oxygen levels cost-free.

More oxygen in your brain equals more winnings in your gambling account, and doing exercise is an excellent way of boosting O2 levels for win-hungry gamblers.

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