How to Beat Gambling Addiction?

Gambling addiction is clinically defined as the constant urge to gamble, resulting in adverse financial, personal, and social consequences. Beating this addiction can be a struggle, while the most challenging part is staying clean after quitting. Like most addictive habits, ex-gamblers find it difficult to engage in recreational gambling after kicking the habit.

Abstinence isn’t very difficult if you plan ahead. Here are 10 ideas to help kick your gambling addiction for good.

  1. Identify Your Triggers – Every addiction is triggered by certain situations. Giving in to temporary urges can undo months or even years of dedication and perseverance. Staying clean is a precious feeling!
  2. Plan Your New Life in Advance – Kicking an addiction is difficult at first. However, planning your days in advance can help reduce boredom, which in-turn reduces temptations to spend the idle moments wagering.
  3. Resume Your Hobbies – One of the best ways to stay distracted is to rekindle an old hobby. If you don’t have one, start experimenting with things others like. And you might just discover a new side to your personality.
  4. Experiment with Creativity – Nothing keeps us on edge more than insecurity. That’s one of the reasons gambling is so addictive. Try and breach your comfort zone at all times to stay motivated and creative.
  5. Learn to Deal with Withdrawal Symptoms – Dreaming about resuming your addiction is fairly common. And it’s fine as long as you don’t succumb to temptations. You might be stressed out easily, and this is where a creative hobby will help you cope better.
  6. Live in the Present – While future planning is crucial, dwelling in the past is futile. Reliving your losses will only cause further stress. The best way to get back at the casinos is to sober-up and kick your gambling addictions for good.
  7. Remember the Evils of Gambling – Every time the urges return, remind yourself why you quit. Reliving the feelings of despair and depression can be a powerful motivation for quitting. And once you take charge of your life, empowerment is your biggest reward.
  8. Stay Vigilant Before Big Events – Reputed studies reveal gamblers find it most difficult to control urges right before big events. For instance, if you were into sports betting, bolster your resolve right before a major tournament is scheduled. If required, stay away from the media.
  9. Visualize Your Favorite Casino in a Negative Light – Whenever you think of your favourite casino or sports betting operator, visualize the losses and negative experience. Repeat the process in your head until you embed gambling in a negative light in your sub-conscious. Remind yourself that a sane person would never repeat their mistakes!
  10. Create a Daily Gratitude List – One of the vital strategies to prevent a relapse is constantly reminding yourself of the positives of quitting the addiction. Listing out the good things you’ve felt all day is a great way to stay motivated in times of despair.

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