Can I Open a Casino Account with Fake ID?

People have been trying to gain access to casinos using fake IDs for ages. While a few have managed to sneak past security over the years, most fail. With the evolution of online casinos, aspiring players are now exploring ways to sign up using fake IDs. However, it’s not as easy or as wise as you think!

Gambling, in general, is risky! It’s the thrill that attracts people. However, with tons of legislations in place, especially on age limit, youngsters often aren’t allowed to partake in these games. Thus, resorting to unethical means.

Why is Identity Verification Important?

For starters, without a valid ID, players won’t be able to withdraw funds before tax verification. More importantly, ID verification ensures overall security, protecting both gamers and operators from fraudulent practices like money laundering, multiple accounts, and chip dumping.

Online casinos usually follow more stringent norms, since, the operation is entirely reliant on cybersecurity. ID verification is perhaps the most important step in their guidebook. Thus, you’re unlikely to sneak past security using a fake ID.

The Problems of Using a Fake ID

While you might just be able to sneak past security using a fake ID at a brick-and-mortar casino, bypassing cybersecurity is a different tale. Setting up your account with an online casino involves numerous stringent steps. The authorities can ask for other legal documents if they aren’t satisfied with the first ID proof.

Your address plays a crucial part in verifying banking information. Online casinos scrutinize even the most minor details in order to protect their interests. Moreover, if you’re caught using a fake ID, you run the risk of getting in trouble with law enforcement and face a lifetime ban.

What Happens if You Get Caught Using a Fake ID at a Casino?

A brick-and-mortar casino’s reaction depends on the severity of your crime. If you’re caught while entering, the management might politely ask you to leave. If you’re caught while playing and are yet to win, the outcome could be fairly similar.

However, if you get caught trying to withdraw winnings using a fake ID, the authorities can hand you over to the police for trying to defraud the casino. Punishments range from community service and a fine to a minor prison sentence if you’re triedas a juvenile. For more grave mistakes, the court can try you as an adult, in which case, severe punishment is in store.

The outcome is fairly similar for online casinos. However, it’s unlikely you’ll ever get past the verification phase. If by any miracle you’re allowed to wager, withdrawing winnings will be a near-impossible task.

At the end of the day, is it smart to open a casino account using a fake ID? Absolutely not. If you’re underage, wait for a couple more years before you’re legally allowed to play. Risking a jail sentence isn’t worth the casino experience. Instead, use the time to improve your card skills.



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